Become a Community Lead
about community leads
Leads are neighbors who are especially dedicated to their private community and are committed to building more more members and collaboration within their private community. They are neighbors like other members, except they volunteer their efforts to see their community thrives and have been granted additional capabilities to help ResidentCentral run more smoothly.
Grow Your Private Community
The more neighbors on your ResidentCentral site; the more useful the site becomes for everyone.
We encourage leads to invite others through email – as they are more likely to be accepted than any other form of invitation. If you have a community roster, simply upload it (in any format) and an email invitation will go out on your behalf.  Or, if you know a select group of neighbors, simply invite them once signed in to your ResidentCentral site.
We also recommend that you encourage others to invite neighbors  – as everyone can play a part in the success or your community.  Every couple of months, simply post a message on the bulletin board encouraging neighbors to invite others.
Verify New Residents
Neighborhood leads can use the Verify Neighbors tool to verify those you are certain live within your private community
Members who show up in the verify neighbors tool started to join their private community, but did not complete verification. These members do not yet have full access to your private ResidentCentral site.
How do I become a lead
Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get you started.  Note that ResidentCentral reserves the right to grant Lead status to members who hold leadership positions within their private community (e.g. Community Association or Homeowners Associations leaders, Property Managers) or members who have made extraordinary contributions to the success and growth of their private community website through quality contributions to discussions and successfully inviting new members.