For Property Managers
ResidentCentral provides Property Managers and their staff with free tools to both engage with residents and community leadership (e.g. Board Members) easier while also overseeing the primary functions of property management within a single central hub. Did we mention it’s 100% free?
send mass emails in seconds
Spend less time composing mass emails through difficult and expensive mass marketing platforms and utilize a simple online form that ensures communication is documented for all residents to see AND emailed to everyone within the community. Simultaneously”post the email on you ResidentCentral site as well (if desired). 100% Free.
maintain private document library
Utililze a Single, Central Hub for Community Documents. Reduce time responding to document requests and ensuring residents receive the most up-to-date forms – simply by adding to ResidentCentral and guiding community members to the site. 100% Free.
Take advantage of eDocuments. Send us a “hard-copy” of one or more documents and we’ll import to the ResidentCentral site – for use by residents, complete with eSignatures to ensure documents are legally binding. Access them privately on-line AND receive an email of the executed document for your records. It’s so much more efficient than managing unwieldy paper trails. 100% Free.
track community maintenace | support tickets
Manage the entire resident support lifecycle – from resident request to task assignment and/or contracting to closure with ease. Use workflows, automation, and AI to save time and lower the cost of managing any type of resident request. And, while it will improve resident satisfaction immensely, it only takes minutes – not days – to get completely up and running on the system.
view community payments and receivables 
Manage community payments and receivables within a single portal – accessible by property management and community leadership (for full financial accounting) and residents (for balances and payments). Automate recurring invoicing, set notifications for payments, aging receivables, accept multiple payment methods and more.  100% Free.