Community Sponsorships

As new fathers, OfferUp’s founders suddenly found themselves with more stuff than they wanted and less stuff than they needed.

We’re building a local marketplace where the wellbeing of buyers and sellers comes first. We’ll keep obsessing over every detail of the experience so our buyers and sellers can connect with more confidence. And we’ll keep holding ourselves and our community to high standards.

ResidentCentral - Process Automation

Built exclusively for your community

Unlike social networks, each ResidentCentral community web portal is built and customized exclusively for your private community – a “social utility” with unique tools and resources only available to and accessible by members who have verified residency within your private community. And it’s free. Yes, 100% Free.

ResidentCentral - Process Automation
ResidentCentral - Process Automation

Essential community-specific tools

From making an online payment or maintenance request to signing documents electronically and participating in a community meeting (through integrated Zoom video conferencing), our community tools provide residents convenience unlike any social network alternative.