Full Website Design and Build

We develop web-sites with responsive, mobile interfaces that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and remain consistent between different devices and browsers. And, we can integrate with your existing systems for a fully custom solution.

Full Service Design and Build

Custom web application development by our expert web app developers. Front-end & design, backend, database, and server scale designed to fit your custom workflow.

Advanced Integrations

From secure online payments and legally binding electronic documents to reservation booking engines and full cloud accounting directly through your site, our technology ensures your web or app thrives.

Unmatched Security

ResidentCentral forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL) that cryptographically establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser ensuring data remains private.

Reliable, Lightning Fast Hosting

Our servers are built with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors, setup with Varnish, a fast web server stack, and locked down from intruders.

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Custom App Development

We develop Apple iOS and Google Play applications that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and lightning fast. And, with each app we can integrate with your existing systems for a custom-tailored, streamlined approach
C2 - Services

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile application development by our expert mobile app developers. From design to development and ongoing support for both Apple Ios and Google

Specify Secure Role-Based Access

Integrate ResidentCentral Features such as Resident | Maintenance Support, Accounting and eForm modules or with your own management and accounting systems.

Advanced Push Notifications

Push notifications take communication with your users to another level; and, with advanced algorithms driving different notifications, you can rest assured you are reaching users in an optimized manner. 

Lightning Fast Performance

Get lightning fast and reliable performance with performance and cache features only available through the app. 

Process Automation and AI

From Online Payments, Automated Invoicing And Fully Integrated Accounting Solutions To Complete Online Form Automation With ESignatures C2 Can Simplify And Streamline Typical Functions Within Your Operations

Online Payments

The simplest way for users to make payments – period. Enable individual or recurring invoices to be paid automatically or outstanding invoices to be paid with a single click – safely and securely using credit cars, ACH and more.

Automated Client Support

Manage the entire support lifecycle – from request to task assignment and/or contracting to closure with ease. Use workflows, automation, and AI to save time and lower the cost of managing any type of request.

eForms with Digital Signatures

Take advantage of eDocuments, complete with eSignatures to ensure documents are legally binding. Receive email notice of completed forms and access them privately on-line. t’s safer, less expensive and much more efficient than managing unwieldy paper trails.

Completely Integrated Cloud Accounting

Complete integration of the entire sales function – from user inquiry (including contact management) to estimate (if applicable) to invoicing and payments, along with expense tracking, inventory and much more.

Reservation Booking Engines

Our systems provide for complete integration of the entire reservation function – with your site = from user inquiry, availability, automated deposits, confirmations and front and  back office support to channel marketing through external websites such as Expedia, Airbnb and more.

Online Ordering

From selling products online, inclusive of inventory,  marketing and complete management oversight modules to ordering takeout, pizza or our systems provide for complete integration of the entire ordering function.

Full Integration. Better Technology.

Ready? Get Connected.



C2 - Services
C2 - Services